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Written by ITAST research group   
Monday, 05 January 2009
The QUESTOURnament module allows teachers to configure both individual and group work environments where a set of intellectual challenges are launched by teachers in order to be solved by students in a time-constrained way. Challenges can be also submitted, and the corresponding answers pre-evaluated, by the students, in which case, the teacher must approve the challenge before it is presented to the rest of students. In this case, the student will be rewarded depending on the quality of his/her work, including both the adequateness of the proposed challenge and the assessment of answers submitted by the other students to the challenge proposed by him/her. QUESTOURnament makes use of a variable scoring system (please see Figure 1). Since the time when a challenge is created until the end of the process, the challenge goes through different phases as presented in Figure 2:

-          Stationary phase: score remains as proposed by the teacher during a period of time to allow students to understand and to take in the task.

-          Inflationary phase: score grows to adjust the reward to the difficulty level of the challenge. It is assumed that a lack of correct answers means that the difficulty is higher than the reward.

-          Deflationary phase: once a challenge is correctly answered, the score starts decreasing so that the student who is the first to answer gets the maximum score.

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Figure 1. View of the QUESTOURnament module, where the variable scoring system is presented


Figure 2. Phases of the life-cycle of a challenge

On the other hand, challenges can be on a set of states as follows:

-          Approval pending: the challenge has been proposed by a student but a teacher has not approved it yet.

-          Start pending: each challenge has a start date and an end date. Answers can be received only during the intermediate period. Besides, before the start date, only who proposed the challenge and/or the teacher can access it.

-          In progress: the challenge is fully active, answers are received and scoring is varying.

-          Closed: time to answer is over, and no more answers are allowed. Students can read all submissions.

As a result, the QUESTOURnament module is a dynamic and changing environment in which the students are content generators and participate in the learning process in an active way.

Last Updated ( Friday, 27 January 2012 )
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